Our Vision: "Sculpt a welded future."

Our Mission: "We provide by creating metal solutions."

WE BELIEVE “THE CUSTOMER IS KING” AND IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO SERVE THEIR CAUSE. They trust us with their most valuable possessions, and their livelihood, and in return, they give us a supreme gift. The opportunity to do something meaningful in our careers.

MANAGEMENT IS ABOUT PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY. We are strategy focused and execution driven. We will commit to our objectives, then communicate them to our team. We will make change as necessary during the process, and then measure how we are doing.

WE ARE FAMILY. We support each other, and are kind to each other. We always approach each other with a mind to resolve daily issues. We believe we will be judged by the quality of our relationships.

WE ARE NOT TOLERANT OF MEDIOCRITY AND BUREAUCRACY, AND WE REJECT ALL LIMITED AND “WON’T WORK HERE” THINKING. We will be positive minded…always. Leadership is about Edge, Execution, Energy, and Results. We will debate less, and act more.

LEADERS ARE TEACHERS, SERVANTS, AND APPRECIATORS. Leadership is not about us…it is about the team. We believe that happiness in our work life is in direct proportion to our commitment to Excellence. The quality of our creative work matters, and defines who we are.

WE WILL NOT WAIT FOR PERFECT ANSWERS FOR MANY OF OUR DIFFICULT PROBLEMS. We insist on partial, or even small improvements for the “now”. We expect to make mistakes in the process of making progress, but we will never make the mistake of defending the status quo.

SUCCESS IS A MARATHON, AND WE WILL GO THE DISTANCE. We will persevere, and we will work with passion.