ONAWAY, MI. – Thank you State Senator Jim Stamas, State Representative Triston Cole and Sue Allor, Representative 106th for taking time to visit the Industrial Arts Institute and Moran Iron Works to discuss the importance of professional trades and the significant shortage of skilled trades men and women our country faces.

“I have the highest respect for our Northern Michigan Legislators and have personally witnessed each of them in action. Senator Stamas is a modern-day gladiator when on the Senate floor in Lansing and Representative Alor has the respect of her peers and constituents for her progressive leadership in the House. Representative Cole and his Northern Michigan Caucus has become a positive force within the legislature.  These are the Green Beret of our State Government and I am a proud supporter of their efforts and actions.”

Tom Moran, Moran Iron Works CEO

“Your leadership in the Senate and House are greatly appreciated. Please continue to fight for programs that benefit the residence of Northern Michigan and the State. We believe that Industrial Arts Institute is a leader in the field of training individuals for careers in the Professional Trades. The opportunities available in the Trades will continue to grow over the next several years and it will be important to many individuals to receive training in these areas. ”

Mark Dombroski, Industrial Arts Institute Executive Director