ONAWAY, MI. – Every spring when snow melts in Michigan, thousands of pounds of trash are left scattered along state highways. The Michigan Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway program recruits participants to help alleviate this extensive amount of litter. Without this program, the state says taxpayers would spend an additional $5 million annually on maintenance of our roads. Since the program launched in 1990, local groups have collected over a million bags of trash. There are currently 2,800 groups who have adopted over 6,400 miles of Michigan highways. 

Yesterday afternoon, thirteen generous employees from Moran Iron Works volunteered their time for this invaluable program. Sales and Marketing Assistant, Cora McLennan, who headed the group’s efforts stated, “Being a part of this program gives us a huge sense of community pride. By keeping the roadways that surround our town clean and attractive, we not only help the environment and save our taxpayers money, but we allow for newcomers to obtain a good impression of the place we call home.” 

A big thank you to everyone who helped out!

Above (L to R): Danielle Chapman, Nathan Facsko, Angelee Pierpont, Serena Harfert, Kevin Pierpont, Tina Ohlert, Jacob Pierpont, Alex Kesek, Cora McLennan, Luke Pierpont, Eve Pierpont, Kathy Prow, and Jason Willis.