Two identical units of hood and duct work systems for new absorber

  • Duration: March 2011 - August 2011

  • Weight: 310 tons

  • Material: ASTM 2205, a high nickel duplex stainless steel alloy; C276A, a high chromium alloy material; Carbon Steel

This project includes two nearly identical units consisting of hood and duct work systems for a new absorber at an Electric Power Generating Plant in Michigan. Materials of construction were primarily ASTM 2205, a high nickel duplex stainless steel alloy, and C276A, a high chromium alloy material, as well as Carbon Steel.

Pre-fabricated components were supplied by others and were modularized into large sections by MIW professionals and transported on barges on the Great Lakes to the project site.

All components were test fit at MIW World headquarters to ensure trouble free installation. This is just one example of Absorber Hoods and tie-in Duct Work that Moran Iron Works has produced for many clients in the power industry.

“This particular absorber hood and duct work system was a unique job. The metal and the talent were special. The stainless alloy was a special metal and the welders had to qualify to a different level of performance to work on the project.  We chose the cream of the crop to work on this project. Welders had to pass a Welder Performance Qualification Review (WPQR) test and we picked to best of those that qualified.”

– Bill Hartig, Project Manager, Moran Iron Works

MIW also shop installed field scaffolding to save the customer time and money in the field.

Absorber Hoods and Duct Work allow the final stage of the air cleaning process to occur in the silo after which the cleaner air travels through the duct to the stack for release into the atmosphere.