ONAWAY, MI. – The Industrial Arts Institute, a division of Moran Iron Works, recently graduated their seventh class for their Comprehensive Industrial Welding Course: CIW 100. Participating students completed a 15-week course of study from August through December. Intense hands on training combined with some classroom time prepared the students for their final integration project, which tested their skills and competencies in welding and fabricating.

In strong partnership with Boyne Mountain the students of Cohort 7 had an opportunity to help design and create ski racks. This project allowed the students to utilize their training in Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Short Circuit. In addition the project provided the students with an opportunity to further develop their fabrication and pipe bending skill sets.

The IAI recognized the following award winners from the graduating class:

Academic Achievement: Mitchell Corey
Highest Welding Certification: John Doran
Highest Improvement & Accomplishment: Michael Haske
Strongest Work Ethic: Eric Grissom & Marshall Walker

Congratulations, Cohort 7!