Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

Diffuser Kits, Silencers, Stacks & Other Related Components

Pollution Control

Absorbers, Scrubbers, Hoods, SCR Systems & Ductwork

Air Inlet Systems

Filter Houses, Silencers, Dampers & Ductwork

Air Filtration Systems

Baghouses & Precipitators

Marine & Waterway

Commercial Vessels, Ferries and Barges along with Lock & Dam Gates and Screens

Material Handling

Chutes, Gates, Hoppers, Silos, Dryers, Conveyors and Dump Boxes & Buckets


Plate Girders, Frames, Trusses & Flanges

Structural & Support Steel

Structural Steel, Platforms, Mezzanines, Stairways, Walkways, Railings & Supports


Testing & Inspection, Design & Installation, Repairs & Retrofits

Ironclad Targets

Portable tactical-class target systems for law enforcement and military shooting applications