Moran Iron Works (2018-)


Today, Moran Iron Works is a global company with several European associates, and we are expanding annually. Our offshore efforts are complimented by bringing other experiences and technology to our current marketing and manufacturing process, rather than developing overseas commerce.

For example, we believe there is a lot to learn from 400 years of shipbuilding experience. We have also learned from a culture that has embraced alternative energy, decades ahead of the USA. Our goal is to bring refinement to our current markets, to remain a fabrication leader, and to provide our clients with a world class product. We have also made a considerable investment in technology that, combined with the skilled tradesmen and the historical knowledge, will ensure the foreseeable future is a bright for MIW.

Automated, and Semi-automated welding process are being combined with Computer Controlled Machining to produce some of the finest products we have ever produced at historically low cost. Reflecting on this global approach and commemorating our 40th Anniversary, we have updated our logo to represent our growth, our secure future and constant stability.

“It is with pride and appreciation that we begin using our new logo. Pride, because of the history behind the former logo, appreciation for the creativity of my marketing department for its design, and the combined efforts of all of our dedicated colleagues. Appreciation, for the hundreds of clients that supported us throughout the years, and for the abilities our Maker gave us to perform our craft. I will be a dedicated steward of that creativity, support, and history. I will also focus my efforts to insure that investment creates value for decades to come”, states Tom Moran.