Moran Iron Works can supply a number of water control gates and other components of lock, dam and other waterway projects. Whether your project is a new installation or an upgrade retrofit, we can fabricate the gate you need. Gate types we can supply include draft tube swing gates, spillway gates, intake gates, tainter gates, miter gates and bulkhead gates, along with many others. We also have experience in stoplog fabrication for hydroelectric facilities. Our unique location on the Great Lakes allows for us to modularly assemble larger projects with limited fabrication work required at the job site. We also have experience in custom-fabricating log screens and traveling screens for use on intake water systems at large-scales facilities.

We are AISC certified in the following areas:

  • (CBR) Major Steel Bridges
  • (IBR) Certified Bridge Fabricator – Intermediate
  • (HYD) Hydraulic Steel Structures
  • (BU) Certified Building Fabricator
  • (FCE) Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • (P2) Sophisticated Paint Endorsement


Moran Iron Works has produced a number of design combinations of Trash Rack / Log Screen Systems for clients throughout North America.

  • Trash Rack Stackable Frames for Screen Inserts
  • Trash Rack Screen Inserts for Frames or Stand Alone Style Screens
  • Trash Rack Fine Screen Attachments with Hardware
  • Custom Designed Trash Rack Handling/Storage Fixtures
  • Ice Dam Beam Systems
  • Beam/Trolley/Hoist Trash Rack Handling Systems

These systems are installed at water intake points used by power generation plants and dams, and at municipal, industrial, and manufacturing facilities that use raw water supplies for driving turbines and for steam generation, as well as in various process cooling and heating systems.

As dictated by process requirements, at times the raw water is further filtered after passing through a trash rack system by means of traveling screens and then fine filter systems.

Details that affect the variations in different scopes of design and supply are:
– ambient site conditions
– environmental and ecological considerations and requirements
– number and sizes of areas to be covered by the system
– system mounting and retention style
– types of debris expected to be collected by the system
– degree of screening expected and acceptable by the system
– methods of storing system components
– methods for handling system components
– methods for cleaning debris from system components

Efficiency of production is maximized by attention to detail in planning of work areas, design and building of fixtures, parts handling, and “in process” hold points with documented inspections.


Moran Iron Works is experienced in the fabrication of templates for cofferdam sets. Our design incorporates welded steel structures and cross bracing.  Our modular designs allow us to perform the majority of work at our facility, rather than your job site, which can significantly save on overall project costs.