Residential, commercial and institutional

Moran Iron Works has the capability to design and fabricate custom items for architectural and ornamental requirements. We can build to your drawings or you can let our design team create reality from your vision. We have experience in designing and installing staircases, handrails and other building features, along with custom metal artwork and sculptures. No project is too big!


Snowplows designed and engineered for industrial use

The Iron Patrol Plows product line develops and produces custom designed plows for municipalities and industry.

Initially, Moran Iron Works designed, fabricated and delivered new snowplows to the Cheboygan County Road Commission. The order and design was prompted by poor performance of the existing plows available.  The prototype model was a cooperative effort between the County and MIW.

“The new plow incorporates many of the plow truck drivers’ suggestions; several strength, performance, and safety innovations; along with the modern and modular design features Moran Iron Works is known for.”

– Rod Ison – Crew Leader, Cheboygan County Road Commission

As a result of this pilot project, the new Iron Patrol Plows product line was formed to serve the greater market.


Portable stands and targets for versatile shooting applications

Click HERE for our IRONCLAD Law Enforcement Series of Portable Shooting Targets

Located in Northern Michigan, the shooting industry is a familiar one, as it is a hobby for many in the community, MIW employees, and customers and vendors. With that, Moran Iron has developed a target system in response to the industry’s need for portability in shooting stands and targets.

Target Kits includes a portable target stand and two steel targets.

$100.00 per kit + shipping/handling

Contact Karen at 989-733-2011 to get your IRONCLAD target system today!


Rugged, rolling carts for a wide variety of industrial uses.

Designed to increase efficiency and productivity, these rolling carts can be custom-designed to suit your specific needs.  Their rugged steel construction give them long life and durability, plus they fit perfectly into any company’s 5S Program or other organizational initiative.  While useful in any factory setting, they are ideally suited for spacious facilities where workers use a variety of larger tools and equipment.

Can we custom-design a tool cart for your company?  Email:  if you would like more information about this Michigan-made MIW product.

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